by 70/30 Digital

Seach engine optimization or SEO needs to now be part of your holistic owned media planning.

Forget buying links or keyword stuffing. We do none of that. In the right hands SEO is a super versatile tool at the heart of your marketing efforts .

why you need seo


cost efficient market research and data

A proper keyword research can give you amazing insight into your business and market. We can literally tell you what your customers are interested in and how they phrase it. What more, we can also check how your competition is doing: which keywords they use and what’s their seo strategy.


long term organic visibility

When done right SEO will bring you long term visibilty in the biggest mass media or rather the most comprehensive phone book of history: search engines. For this you need quality content, the right site hierarchy and content marketing strategy and a couple of good tech decisions.


meet you customers in all phases of customer journey

Some will say that SEO has little to no role in the beginning of the customer journey, i.e. “the research phase”. We beg to differ. Are you selling houses? Why not target searches in life phasesĀ  that usually mean moving? Selling office space? Why not talk about how to grow one’s business?


become a thought leader

As marketing has moved to digital channels, it has become more and more difficult to spread your message. There are just so many messages around you know. So give your content some depth, optimize it and distribute it in strategic channels. And look at you, becoming a thought leader for your entire industry!

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