Privacy statement

We believe that transparency in data collection and data usage are part of today’s business.  However, data is a prerequisite for a wide range of basic operations in today’s society. Contact data makes it possible for us to send out holiday greetings to the right address or make sure we send out that email we promised you. That’s why we, like almost every other company in the world, collect data.


We are a marketing, data and digitalisation agency called 70/30 Digital Oy (business ID FI32100081). We are a 100% Finnish company and we provide our customers with services to promote marketing and digitalisation. You can contact us by sending a message to


We are a data-driven company and therefore we collect information that we use to guide the operations of our own company and to do marketing. For example, we collect data related to customer acquisition, customer relationship management, optimization and streamlining of our operations. Because we mainly provide our services only to other companies, we do not, in principle, collect data on consumers.

For example, we may retain the following information about you as a representative of your company:

  • email address
  • name
  • title
  • the company you work for
  • messages we have exchanged
  • information if you have attended our events or watched webinar material, for example
  • information on when you last visited our website
  • as well as other information

The legal basis for the processing of personal data under the EU General Data Protection Regulation is the legitimate interest of the controller (e.g. customer relationship, employment relationship, membership) and / or your consent to the use of the data. In plain English this means that our companies have some kind of relationship  between themselves. Or you could be a representative of a company that has the right to receive information about their own field.

Please note that you have every right not to do business with us or on our website, in which case we will not collect any information about you. And you can always request the deletion of data (see below for more information on your rights).

We thrive to collect only first party data, but we may also receive information from third parties, such as corporate databases or through the rare case of business merger or acquisition.


We use data to perform marketing in several different channels, to handle ongoing projects, to do sales and to deliver the best customer experience we can. The data is processed mainly in different SaaS platforms.  We use for example the following services:


Google Analytics
Google Analytics or GA is used for website analytics, measurement and evaluation of marketing effectiveness


You’ll find a LinkedIn tag on our site and that is used to build custom audiences in LinkedIn.  If you accept our marketing cookies, you could then see our ads on LinkedIn.


We use HubSpot to collect, organize and analyze customer data. Your information may end up in HubSpot when you subscribe to our newsletter, when we enter into an agreement with a company you represent, or when we are in a relationship to start a partnership. Your data in HubSpot can be used to advertise on social media channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook.


The content management system with which our site is published. When you send us a message through our site, your information could remain in WordPress. The information on our WordPress website resides on Domainhotelli’s servers in Finland.


A research and survey tool that we use for various, well, surveys and inquiries. We’ll see your answers from the tool and may combine your answers with your other business information. Your answers may be published on our site anonymously.


Some of your data could also be on our servers, which are located in Finland.

Zoom and other webinar platforms

We love to organize webinars. We use Zoom and other webinar tools to host webinars and those platforms will collect information on registrees.

Other possible platforms

Modern marketing relies heavily on technological platforms. We may use such technologies to do marketing.



We operate in a global world and some of the excellent tools we use may be located on servers outside the EU. This situation is also constantly changing as some countries leave the EU and companies change their servers. However, if data is transferred outside the EU, we will ensure that the country complies with EU data protection regulations.

Will we hand over your data to third parties? Our customer relationships are our company’s most important resource (in addition to our excellent employees). While the data may be processed by someone else (human or automation robot),  70/30 Digital still owns the data. That said, your data could be handed over in the rare case of company merger or acquisition.


Some of our tools and SaaS platforms use cookies, which are small files that remain in the browser you use. Cookies let for example Google Analytics know that you are not a new visitor to the site but have visited it before. Wth cookies HubSpot can tell us which pages you have visited. When you first visit our site you have the option to disallow all cookies or just some. If you want to clear your cookie preferences, you can do so at any time in your browser settings.


We go thourgh continuous data maintenance, i.e. we delete data related to customer relationships or potential customer relationships that have become inactivate. We also update data on regular basis, for example we might update a contacts email in case of them changing jobs. For legal reasons, we must retain customer relationship data for some years or as long as it is deemed relevant to our company and customers.

Your rights as the data subject

Right of inspection
You have the right to ask to see the personal data we process about you and the reason for the processing. For our part, we have the right to verify the identity of the applicant. If less than a year has passed since your previous request for information, ie you ask for information relatively often, we may charge a fee for taking the action required by the request.


Right to demand the correction of information
You also have the right to correct or supplement incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or unnecessary information.


Right to request deletion of information
You can also ask us to delete your information. Please note that by law we are required to store information for example on transactions or information related to agreements and customer relationships. In this case, the law takes precedence over your request.


The right to object to and restrict the use of your information
You can restrict the use of your information as you wish. Again, you cannot restrict the use of information that we have a legal obligation to store and use.


The right to transfer data from one system to another
You have the right to receive your personal data from us in a structured and commonly used format so that you may transfer the information to another company if you so wish.


If you would like to exercise your rights, please send a request for information to the email address stated in the beginning of this privacy statement.



Data regulation and our operations are ever evolving. This will be reflected in future changes to this privacy statement. If you are interested in the changes, keep an eye on this page.

Published 28.6.2021
Last updated: 26.4.2021