Marketing operations

by 70/30 Digital

Transforming to modern marketing will create new tasks and processes your marketing team needs to take care of. Such as automation monitoring, data quality checks and following up on key metrics.

But how to get organized around all new tasks when you have old ones as well? Enter marketing ops, or marketing operations. 

We’ll go through your processes, identify new needs and create a new way of working that will let your team shine in the modern marketing world.



You want to step up your marketing game

You’ve identified that you want marketing to evolve. You’re serious about making your marketing team a viable source of growth in your company. When done right, marketing operations will offer you a 15-20% growth in marketing effectiveness.


Your marketing collects and processes data

Data led marketing need marketing operations to succeed. Marketing operations takes the technology and the data and combines those with a way of working that makes the most of your tech investments.


you have tasks nobody is looking after

Chances are that you have begun your marketing transformation by adopting new technology. Soon you’ll see that with new tools come new processes and tasks. Do you already have automations gone wrong? Old data that should be flushed? Site content not tagged right? Talk to us, we’ll sort all of this for you.

Marketing operations in one picture

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