Marketing metrics

by 70/30 Digital

Data led marketing is hard to accomplish with out the right marketing metrics. We help you not only identify the metrics but also put them into action.

Modern marketing has a great potential to produce numbers that make a difference in the whole company’s direction.  

Making marketing metrics work for you


Differentiate real time and long term metrics

All metrics are not equal in value. Marketing metrics direct our actions, so you need to consciously choose the ones that direct your marketing team and company in the right direction.


Look into the future, not only behind you

Many marketing teams are happy with web site traffic metrics offered out of the box. But to deliver real value we need to combine different data outlets and thrive for data that tells us something about the future, not just the past.


Make the metrics visible

Use your company intranet, screens in the office, Slack, Yammer and all other internal channels possible to tell about marketing metrics. Make them visible and make them matter. Also: celebrate even the tiyest goals acchieved!


offer insight, not only numbers

Marketing metrics need to be on the agenda on senior management. But clicks or specific events are not the right data to offer. Instead identify customer lifetime value, offer insight into which channels drive the most sales or give insight on your most valuable customer profiles.

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