by 70/30 Digital

Are you possibly stuck sending mass emails? Don't worry, so many are. We're here to help you make the most of your marketing automation tech.

Let’s face it, your marketing automation tool isn’t probably cheap. Now is the time to put it to work. We have a secret way to do just that!

We can take over the day to day operating of your marketing automation or we can help you and your team transform into a data driven modern marketing squad.

Is this product for you?


Your expensive tool is sitting idle

Did you get that one fancy tool that was suppose to take you r marketing light years ahead? But somehow it didn’t? We’ve specialized in making tech work for you.


Data led marketing is your goal

You’ve read about it, now you want to do it yourself. But where should you start? We’re experienced in digital marketing transformations so¬† you’re definately in the right place.


You just don't have time

It can be perfectly understandable that you just don’t have time to get to know all the nuts and bolts in your MA tech. Let us come in and handle all the technical stuff, we love it! We can also take over and develop & operate the tool for you OR we can train your own team to excell with it!

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