Digital Ecosystem

by 70/30 Digital

... the platforms and technology you use directly affects your data, your marketing capabilities and the customer experience you deliver.

Your tools are critical. Each tool directly affects your customer experience. What more, each tool directly affects the way your team works and the processes you have. And most importantly each tool affects the data you collect and are able to collect.

Through the digital ecosystem audit you understand the current state of your tools, integrations and potential your tech stack has. We will cross check how your current digital ecosystem aligns with your company strategy and give recommendations on digital development.




Are you unsure how your digital investments turn into revenue? You’re not alone. Digital ecosystem audit will help you see what’s working and what’s not. And why that is.


you're not satisfied with some of your tools

Did you pay good money for this one magnificient tool and it just didn’t seem to change anything? Let us take a look and we’ll figure out if it’s the right tool for you or if you just need some help in making it work for you.


you lack a picture of your digital ecosystem

This is our favorite excercise: draw your tech stack in 3 minutes. Not that easy? It is highly critical that you have full understanding of your digital ecosystem. It is the base for your marketing efforts and customer experiece.


Current state

Let’s open your tech stack and draw a picture of all the tools you use. We talk to your people and identify processes and competences around your digital ecosystem.


Looking at your company strategy and goals we analyze how the current digital ecosystem helps or hinders you.

New digital ecosystem

How does your new tool stack look like? What kind of integrations are there, what kind of data? Don’t worry, we appreciate a good dose of realism so we thrive to give you only actionable advice.

Road map

This is super important. We take into account you rresources, other ongoing projects and way of working and draft you a road map hwo you can execute our new plan.

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