Digital dialogue

by 70/30 Digital

Your brand is built in every contact point you have with your customers. In the digital world those contact points are many.

Building a brand or keeping your customer experience exeptional can be a challenge in the digital world. Your brand is manifested in so many channels, in so many ways. 

Digital dialogue by 70/30 Digital is a way to harness your brand building into actions in the digital sphere. It’s sort of like a content marketing plan, but on steroids.



you have a lot of content

Or you are planning to create a lot of content.


There are many ways to create tons of luke warm content without much purpose. We help you create content with a purpose.


you are collecting customer data

With out content you can collect a very limited amount of data. Well planned digital dialogue will contribute to your data like strawberry jam contributes to peanut butter sandwich.


you want to build your brand value

Numerous studies have shown that companies with strong brands are more profitable and survive bad times better. Brand building is now done mostly online so digital dialogue is definately something for you.



Everything starts with your data. We look at your customer data and draw a profile of the persona we will be talking to in the digital world.

Your data needs

Sweet content online is not enough. We need to understand what kind of data your company needs in the future.

Your tech

You may already have some tech in place, which is perfect. We’ll check if there’s any need to develop some functionalities or automations further or iterate your data model in order for digital dialogue to really deliver.

Road map

After delivering a stellar digital dialogue strategy we top it off by offering a road map to how you and your team can start operating the plan. After all, fancy ideas always need a proper excecution plan.

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