Content marketing

by 70/30 Digital

Now more than ever content is king. With out content you can only collect a very limited amount of data. And data is the thing you need to set your marketing on fire.

We love content. What we love most about it is the way content can create a lot of data for you. Content is like the nice sales person on the shop floor that is you insider into customers minds.

So you need content to reach your audience but also to get to know them. Let us show you how.

How to Make content create data


every content piece should have a goal

What will this content piece tell you about your audience? What do you wish they would do after engaging with your content? Before content was enough, but in the world of first party data you need to plan your content through the insight you would like to gather from it.


More content

No content, no data. It is that simple. Imagine your website would be just one page. That would mean you wouldn’t know which pages interest your audience the most. You couldn’t send newsletters to different segments of your audience. With content you open the possibility to do gain insight, to segment and to target.


Have a process

To make the most of your content marketing efforts you need a continuous process where content is created, then measured and then you stop and listen to the story it tells you. Once you have that process rolling, you can start to iterate. And iteration is key to make things better continuously.

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